How to Reassure Your Children When Going Through a Divorce

Divorces are especially difficult for children, so if you’re going to be moving through the process of getting a divorce with the help of family solicitors, you should be prepared for how your children may react to this harsh news. Thankfully, though, there are ways that you can reassure your children and let them know that everything will be okay and that you both still love them and will be a part of their lives. Keep reading for a few tips.

Be Honest with Your Children

When you’re trying to explain why you and your spouse are getting divorced, you should be as truthful as possible with your children, but keep in mind that if you give them long-winded answers, they may only end up getting even more confused. So say something that’s honest but simple, such as the fact that you both no longer get along like you used to, but that you both still love your kids just as much as ever and you always will.

When talking with your kids, keep their ages in mind. Older children will likely need more details and information in order to be reassured, while younger kids may need fewer details and a simple-to-understand explanation.

Encourage Your Children to Openly Communicate with You

Children should also be encouraged to speak openly about their feelings with both of their parents. This will give them a way to ease their fears and frustrations, and they’ll feel better because they’ll know that they were able to express themselves instead of bottling up their emotions.

Make sure you talk to your kids about voicing their feelings without having to lash out angrily, though. And suggest that, if they’re too uncomfortable speaking in person, they can instead email, text, or write a letter to express themselves to you or your spouse.

Address the Changes That Will Occur

Another step that you need to take in order to reassure your kids when you’re going through a divorce is addressing the obvious changes that are going to occur. Your kids will now have to live one parent, and they will also have a visitation schedule to follow in order to spend adequate amounts of time with both of their parents. They may even have to move or switch schools.

These are big changes that can be extremely stressful on kids, so don’t just ignore them. Instead, discuss these changes while reassuring them that, even though certain aspects of their lives will be different, other aspects will remain the same. And tell your kids that you’ll work through all of the details together so that everyone is happy in the end.

Keep Things Positive

When talking with your kids and your spouse, make sure you show restraint even though you may feel negatively towards your spouse. Always be respectful and try to keep things as positive as possible.

Even though going through a divorce is tough, it can be made easier, especially on your kids, by openly communicating and working together without any animosity.

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