Ways to Create a Child Friendly Garden

Today’s best gardens aren’t only beautiful to look at, but also enjoyable to be in, and they welcome everyone in the family, including the kids. You can have the best of both worlds and create an outdoor space that will be lovely and will also be perfect for the kids to play and learn. Check out the tips below to create a child-friendly garden that everyone will love.

Apply Artificial Grass

One of the best ways to transform a high-maintenance garden space into one that will be super easy to manage is by getting rid of the real grass and having artificial grass from Grono installed in its place. This grass will look and feel just like the real thing, but it will require no maintenance, and it will look fantastic throughout every season of the year. Your kids can play in the garden on this grass, and you won’t have to worry about mud stains on their clothes, bugs on their skin, or pesticide residues.

Add Beauty and Attract Animals to the Space

Get your kids involved in landscaping your garden with fragrant flowers and plants that include bushes and trees of varying types. You can even work together to set up a small vegetable patch if you’d like to teach your kids how to grow food. The key here is to encourage your kids to spend time outside doing more than just playing. Connecting with Mother Nature and growing an appreciation for gardening is a great way to teach your kids valuable lessons. Plus, kids enjoy observing and interacting with animals, so by planting the right flowers and trees, you can attract insects and birds to your garden that will bring even more beauty and life throughout the space.

Create Places to Hide

When kids play outside with their friends, they’ll enjoy going into cubbies and having places to hide. You can add places to rest, places to hide, and little refuges throughout your garden by building a fort, adding a table with some chairs in corner that’s nice and quiet, or even using a tepee or tent that your kids will love playing in.

It’s All About Games, Fun, and Energy

To make a kid-friendly outdoor space, you need to think about the fact that your kids won’t want to sit around when they’re outside. Instead, they’ll want to run around and play, interact with their friends by swimming and playing sports, and more. So find a spot where you can put a sandpit, or add a swimming pool to the space. You can also plant trees that will be ideal for climbing or for building a tree house. Leaving some open areas with grass will also be ideal for active games and running.

These are just a few of the best ways that you can create a child-friendly garden that the whole family will enjoy spending time in. If your kids are old enough, they can tell you what they want in the space, and that can make the design process even easier.

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